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Product Basics

CBM Series Single Driving Roller Press CBM20080

Feeding Size 90%: ≤55
Produce Size 50%-70%: ≤5
Throughput: 360-570 t/h


Single Roller Drive, High Efficiency, Low Consumption, Long Service Life
The Traditional Twin-Roll Rolling Machine in the Course of Using , Due to the Different Linear Velocity of the Two Roller, Causes The Sliding Friction Between The Rollers And the Material, Accelerates The Wear of the Roller Greatly, CBM Series Single-Roller roller Press is a Single Roller Drive, That Guarantees The Same Linear Velocity of Two Rollers, Which Greatly Reduces Surface Friction, Improves Roller Life
Prevent Material Leakage High Crushing Efficiency
Install Bezel on Both The Circular Side of The Drive Roller, Prevent Material Leakage Thus Formers High Pressure Between The Two Roller, Fractures Materials, Improves The Crushing Effect of Material Greatly
A Variety of Interchange Wearable Roller Surface, Long Service Life, Low Production Maintenance Costs



Payment term:

30% payment in advance after the order, and 70% payment before the delivery.


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By Air
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Product information

Roller Diameter
 2000 mm
Roller Width
 800 mm
 1400 KW
Feeding Size 90%
Produce Size 50%-70%
 360-570 t/h
 145 t

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