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Product Basics

GW-Series Marine Gearbox GWC30.32 GWL30.32 Reduction Ratio 5.0476

Input Speed: 400-1800 rpm
Reduction Ratio: 5.0476
Transmission Capacity: 0.4438 KW/rpm


The company independently develops medium-or low-powered high-speed lightweight gearbox to satisfy the demands for gear ratio ≤25 and power transmission 0.15-1.84KW/r/min. Such gearboxes are widely used for transportation vessels. Fishing boats, yachts or business speed boats in river or coastal applications.



Payment term:

30% payment in advance after the order, and 70% payment before the delivery.


By Sea
By Air
By Land

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Product information

Gear Type
 GWC30.32 GWL30.32
Input Speed
 400-1800 rpm
Reduction Ratio
Transmission Capacity
 0.4438 KW/rpm
Propeller Thrust
 98 KN
Net Weight
 1465 1240 kg

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