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Product Basics

CKG Series High Pressure Grinding Roll CKG150100

Feeding size (90%): ≤ 55 mm
Product size (70%~80%): ≤ 3 mm
Throughput: 350~750 t/h


1.The ore can be crushed from 25-70mm below 5mm at once, with high crushing ratio.
2. Use of high-pressure material powder principle, high energy efficiency, energy-saving, at least 50%.
3. After the extrusion of the product there is a lot of cracks within the material easy to improve the grinding, Finely ground so that the save- energy and increase production.
4. Single machine with high production capacity, a single device processing capacity at least up to 1000t / h, the entire system to enhance 30% -40%, broken material powder function down to 15KW / T.
5. Long life of more than 6000h , steel consumption reduced by 25% -55%.
6. Use of a wide range, Can be used for all the brittle materials.



Payment term:

30% payment in advance after the order, and 70% payment before the delivery.


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Product information

Roller Diameter
 1500 mm
Roller Width
 1000 mm
 2X710 KW
Feeding Size 90%
 ≤55 mm
Produce Size 70%-80%
 ≤3 mm
 350-750 t/h
 145 t

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