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  • Marine Incinerator WLT-FSL210
  • Marine Incinerator WLT-FSL210
Product Basics

Marine Incinerator WLT-FSL210

Thermal Capacity: 180000 k Cal/h
Solid Waste Maximum Throughput: 3.9 kg/h
Sludge Maximum Throughput: 20.2 kg/h




Payment term:

30% payment in advance after the order, and 70% payment before the delivery.


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Product information

Model Number
Thermal Capacity
 180000 k Cal/h
Solid Waste Maximum Throughput
 3.9 kg/h
Sludge Maximum Throughput
 20.2 kg/h
Liquid Wastes Maximum Water Ratio
Firebox Oxygen Content Mean Value
CO Maximum Mean Value in Wastegas
 200 mg/MJ
Unburnt Component Content in Ash
Exhaustsmoke Blacken
 Ringelman Ⅰ
Firebox Wastegas Exit Temperature
 850~1200 ℃(≥1200℃Give an Alarm)
Flue Gas Discharge Temperature
 250~350 ℃(≥350℃ Give an Alarm)
Auxiliary Fuel
 0# Diesel
Auxiliary Fuel Rate of Consumption
 10 kg/h
Gross Weight of Equipment
 1500 kg

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