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Product Basics

WMMP Cargo Oil Pump WCP350

Rated Capacity (m³/h): 2500(when pressure head 150m)
Rated Speed (rpm): 1660
Shaft Power (kW): 1080(when pressure head 150m)


Product features
1.High efficiency
2.Excellent suction performance for various suction condition.
3.Special materials suitable for crude oil and product oil.
4.Construction for minimizing vibration.
5.Rigidity against external force.



Payment term:

30% payment in advance after the order, and 70% payment before the delivery.


By Sea
By Air
By Land

Delivery From:


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Product information

Rated Capacity (m³/h)
 2500(when pressure head 150m)
Rated Speed (rpm)
Direction Of Turning
 Counter Clock Wise(from the output shaft end)
Suction Diameter(mm)
Outlet Diameter(mm)
Pump Bearing Lubrication
 Grease Lubrication
Bulkhead Gearing Lubrication
 Grease Lubrication
Bulkhead Gearing Lubrication Gas-tight Seal
 Shaft Seal with Grease Lubrication
Grease Quantity(g)
Grease Brand
 Lithium Base Grease;Viscosity Index 265~295 at 25℃; Drop Point 170~200℃
Shaft Power (kW)
 1080(when pressure head 150m)
Matched Turbine Drive Device
Turbine Maximum Output Power(kW)

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